Thursday, May 6, 2010

Getting some competition at the top

In yesterday's LeapFish Cash Dash update, I wrote about how I took the lead in the contest, even after having a late start. Yesterday I was the sole person up at over 10,000 points, earning myself an iPad. Joe Colburn was next at 6,340 points and Willie Ford Jr at 5,355 points.

The Cash Dash is heating up at the top of the pack!  Today, the story is a bit different, Willie Ford Jr has joined the 10,000 point club with me and Joe Colburn has jumped up some points as well.

Here are the current standings as of this blog post:

Wes Novack10515 points
Willie Ford Jr10205 points
Joe Colburn6340 points

I'm not really sure how Willie Ford Jr is earning his points, so it actually surprised me that he jumped up that high into 2nd place.

I've continued to create content: blog posts, tweets, videos and more, which I hope will boost me over the 15,000 point threshold once all my content is reviewed (and hopefully approved) by the LeapFish Cash Dash team.

I noticed that Joe Colburn did a Cash Dash update video and gave me a shoutout in the video, which was cool to see. I learned about the contest from Joe and I'm sure he's happy to see me winning some prizes along with him.

So again, if you wanna join the rat-race, it's still possible. I started in the contest way late, but now I'm on top (for now). To enter the LeapFish Cash Dash contest, simply register here.

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