Tuesday, May 4, 2010

LeapFish Cash Dash update

In this post, I'll be discussing my standings on the LeapFish Cash Dash contest.

I entered the contest last Thursday, starting out in last place (obviously). With the top 3 leaders all near 5,000 points, I was distressed and concerned, wondering if I would be able to catch up to the leaders who all had a good head start. Yet, still, I pushed on ahead and I have now been bumped up to 1st place in the Cash Dash. Here are the current standings as of this post:

Wes Novack6525 points
Joe Colburn5800 points
Willie Ford Jr5255 points

How did I do it? Simply by creating content.As I explained in my LeapFish Cash Dash Intro post, you mostly gain points by creating content. Whether that content be tweets, blog posts, videos or linking to LeapFish from your website. Content is a very important aspect of the contest.

There is also the referral aspect though. You gain 30 points for every person that you refer to sign up for the Cash Dash, so the more people you refer, the higher your point totals are boosted. I've posted about the LeapFish Cash Dash just about everywhere I can think of, attracting friends and referrals to sign up for the giveaways.

So that's it. There's really no mystery or "trick" to what I'm doing. It's just plain ol hardwork, time and effort. Even with this post, I'm creating content for the contest and LeapFish is hoping that you do too.

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