Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Back up to first and then again back into second again

More LeapFish Cash Dash points have been rolling in today. Yesterday, I dropped into second place, and while that is not really so bad, my competitive nature still makes me want to maintain the top number one spot.

Today, more points were approved and there was a short timeframe where I was catapulted back into the number one spot. Then, a few minutes later, Willie Ford Jr had more points approved and regained the number one position. It is definitely getting competitive at the top spot! Even so, I'm doing my best to ensure that I will be one of the winners of the Samsung LED TV. It will go great with my new 5.1 surround sound system that I just installed in my living room. :-)

Here's what the leader board looks like as of this post:

Willie Ford Jr18935 points
Wes Novack18835 points
Joe Colburn11270 points

As you can see, I'm pretty close to Willie Ford Jr, at exactly 100 points behind. This blog post itself should provide another one hundred points to help me catch up and I'm working on some other things as well to help me get to the 20,000 point tier. Samsung TV here I come!

Joe Colburn is still in third with around eleven thousand points, but he is still dangerous! I'm keeping an eye on his YouTube videos and I see he's still getting lots of views, so I feel like he could catapult up into the 1 or 2 spot at any time due to YouTube view point awards.

Hopefully by tomorrow I will have regained the number one top spot in this lovely contest, the LeapFish $100,000 Cash Dash. You can sign up for the contest free here:

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  1. Great Post! My son and I just signed up for the Cash Dash Contest. Thanks for giving us motivation to earn 20k points! This is going to be fun for all :)