Tuesday, June 1, 2010

And I've lost the lead position!

It's June 1st, approximately 8:40PM. I just checked out the Leaderboard on the LeapFish Cash Dash site and somehow, I have lost the lead in the contest! I suppose I shouldn't be totally surprised by this. Willie Ford Jr has been pretty close and nipping at my heels the whole way, but still, I guess I am a bit startled to see the lead lost.

Here are the LeapFish Cash Dash leaderboard stats as of this post:

Willie Ford Jr18635 points

Wes Novack18205 points

Joe Colburn11270 points

As you can see, Willie Ford Jr is number 1, I'm very close in the number 2 spot and Joe Colburn is in the number 3 spot. I've held on to the lead for the past 3 weeks or so, but the I have finally been de-throned by another contestant.

I really have no idea how Willie Ford Jr is getting all of his points. I see he has one LeapFish video that has 1,733 views (as of today), so he's not getting the one thousand views points and he's not submitting a ton of new videos to get video points. Perhaps he's just blogging about LeapFish a lot and getting a lot of referrals? Who knows.

Joe Colburn is definitely a threat at number 3. He has been amassing huge amounts of views on his LeapFish YouTube videos, which will help to keep his point totals increasing more and more.

What I'm more intrigued by is the number 4 and number 5 positions, which LeapFish doesn't disclose. You see, the first three contestants to reach 20,000 points will win a Samsung LED TV, but since the LeapFish crew doesn't list the number four and number five positions, I have no idea if there are others that might be a threat to me obtaining one of the top three slots for the Samsung TV prize.

In any case, I certainly plan on winning that Samsung LED TV! And the LeapFish Cash Dash contest rolls on....

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